What Do People Assume About Fanfiction Writers? What Creates this Stigma?

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, someone talks about a fanfiction they wrote when they were younger and they receive a judging glance. They might get something like, “You write fanfiction? Isn’t that for teenagers?” This is a phrase I have heard all too often. Aside from this statement, there are many other claims that people make about fanfiction writers that simply aren’t true.

Writing Aspect

Three Elements to Set Your Fanfiction Apart from Others

Proofreading before publishing, adding story elements to distinguish yourself from others, and creating a good tagline to hook readers in can set you apart from other writers. Let’s get more detailed about these three elements to get an understanding of the level you may need to go towards to be seen.


Why Should You Post to Wattpad?

“If I had sent After to any publisher, there’s no way they would have even read it.”

Anna Todd to Forbes

There are many platforms you could use to write and post your fanfictions, but Wattpad is one of the better ones. Wattpad has handy features and gives different kinds of opportunities to writers. The site also has a sense of community through the use of the forums, and through peer feedback (comments). There’s even a chance that Wattpad may publish your work. So, why choose Wattpad over other sites?